First Listen: Stevie Wonder helps Gary Clark, Jr. sing of the “Children”

(March 25, 2024) Gary Clark, Jr, is categorized as a blues singer, but that just captures one element of what he does. His music incorporates funk, rock, soul, jazz and a bit of country and Americana as well.

“What About the Children,” a track from his new album JPEG RAW, cooks with signature blues guitar, gospel infused organ work and funky bass and percussion. The message that casts a critical eye on a world that places children, young people and parents in situations that force them to make choices they should not have to make is both timeless and timely.

Clark tapped Stevie Wonder to help him render this musical polemic, and he could not have made a better choice. Stevie Wonder has a history of making music that serves as melodic and funky conversation starters.

The vocal contrast between Clark and Wonder makes “What About the Children” work. Clark’s gritty baritone plays off Wonder’s soaring vocals on a song that has the feel of two activists standing on opposite corners of our town square as they deliver a call for recognition and action. Check out Gary Clark, Jr., and Stevie Wonder on “What About the Children,” here.

By Howard Dukes

 Gary Clark, Jr. feat. Stevie Wonder
“What About the Children”



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