First Listen: ConFunkShun’s Felton Pilate knows “What I’d Do For You”


(July 18, 2022) What would you do for love?  If you asked that question to a number of people, you would likely get a variety of answers.  Thanks to legendary songwriting, someone might even reply with a song reference, expressing willingness to climb the highest mountain, swim the deepest sea, or traverse the lowest valley in order to get to his or her loved one.

Grammy Winner Felton Pilate, an original member of Con Funk Shun who has also carved out a career of his own, echoes that kind of determination to get to love in his latest solo musical offering, “Here’s What I’d Do for You.”  He lets you know right out the gate that he’s not playing games when it comes to love.  The opening lyrics are:

What would I do for your love? I’d walk to the moon and back
I’d climb the tallest mountain with a stone-filled sack

As a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, Felton is no stranger to love songs, of course.  For example, he co-wrote Con Funk Shun’s signature ballad “Love’s Train,” which has received newfound attention because of Silk Sonic’s recent rendition of the song that went to #1 on the Billboard Adult R&B Charts.

Felton composed “Here’s What I’d Do for You” as well and, on this song, he channels his falsetto which, coupled with the saxophoneand smooth melody, makes it a slow jam worthy of rotation on any Quiet Storm Radio format.  And it sounds like the type of track that Silk Sonic might want to cover in the future.  In the meantime, though, check out Felton Pilate doing his thing as he provides a soulful serenade on his latest song.

By Darnea N. Samuels

Felton Pilate – “Here’s What I’d Do For You”


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