First Listen: Chris Chard delivers the full-bodied “Everything We Got”


(May 6, 2023) Bassist Chris Chard has been a part of Portland’s music scene for more than 20 years. That means Chard’s work can likely be heard on some of your favorite indie artists’ works. As we know, Portland is the home base for some notable artists in the soul and R&B world.

Starting in 2019 with the release of his album For the Fighters, Chard decided that he wanted to be a lead artist. Chard released For the Fighters just as the pandemic shut the world down. He returns with now “Everything We Got,” the lead single from Luxury Galaxy, his sophomore album.

Chard amps up the funk on “Everything We Got.” It’s like Chard made the conscious decision to create a song that listeners can play while driving in the car, hanging with friends, or doing anything that will connect them with other human beings.

“Everything We Got” comes with a sound that recalls the jazz fusion of the 1970s. The bass percolates and provides grounding for driving drum work, blues inspired guitars and out of this world keyboards.

“Everything We Got” will be the first of what will be an adventurous way of introducing Luxury Galaxy to the world. Each song on the album will be time-released as a single throughout the year, so enjoy “Everything We Got,” the first of those releases here.

By Howard Dukes

Chris Chard – “Everything We Got”


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