World Premiere First Listen: Charity gives us such “Beautiful Moments”


A few years ago we introduced SoulTrackers to uber-talented young Detroit singer-songwriter CharityWe completely dig her bright, expressive voice and the acoustic soul sound she delivered on her debut song, “Sounds Like Love.” She went on to graduate from college and now is spending her days teaching students with academic disabilities while at the same time advancing her burgeoning musical career.

Well, we’re really happy to tell you that Charity is back with a new EP coming out on September 18th called Yellow. We’ve heard it, and it is all that. So we’re extremely proud to be presenting the World Premiere of one of the cuts from that upcoming EP. It’s the joyful acoustic single, “Beautiful Moments.” She tells us about the song: “Beautiful Moments is an ode to the people and places that give us little euphorias- from the smell of your mama’s home cooking to the stomach ache you get from laughing so hard. It’s the warm and fuzzies; our very best feels.”

Check out “Beautiful Moments” below and tell us what you think about Charity!

World Premiere First Listen
Charity – “Beautiful Moments”


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