First Listen – Josué Helps Us Say Goodbye to “Summertime”


Figuring out how to metaphorically say I love you without actually saying the words “I love you” is one of the hallmarks of good romantic songwriting. In his nostalgic review of all the fun and beautiful things that comprise summer, singer/songwriter Josué subtly shares just how he feels for his love over a cool mid-tempo groove. It’s a lovely reminder of the sweet things soul can say, when it’s not trying to be provocative but rather sincere.

Available through Bandcamp on Josué’s Bad News EP and featuring a complementary Billy Green, the song shines as brightly as the sunrays pouring from Josué’s beating heart. The warm neo-soul approach taken by the band holds hints of Remy Shand and early Van Hunt, and captures the overall feel of a warm July day, just as September is settling in to remind us what we’ll soon be missing. Catch this summer in a bottle to help you feel the heat all year round.

By L. Michael Gipson

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