Evelyn “Champagne” King to Release New Album

It's time to break out the Champagne. With her first album release in over a decade, dance, disco and R&B diva, Grammy winner Evelyn "Champagne" King takes us back to the dance floor.  Known for her smash megahits such as "Shame" and "Love Come Down," this iconic artist is back with yet another chapter in her musical career with her new album, "Open Book."  Slated for release on August 14, King will dazzle a spate of listeners, old and new with her special brand of music.

The album's track "Skillz" proves that Evelyn can sing any hiphop singer or girl group under the table. "I'm lookin' for a man with skills," she sings, while displaying some of her own undeniable, overflowing talents. With this track, woven into a seductive hiphop beat, Evelyn's contemporary appeal and her old-school virtuosity merge, signifying an intriguing and delectable mix.

"It's up to date," explains King of her new album, while adding, "But it's still me." King, who has continued to play countless live shows throughout the years, values her vast performing experience, and she clearly knows her best niche. "I'm not going to mutate," she promises. Knowing that fads don't last, King carefully selected tracks that would punctuate her longevity as an artist.

Her R&B track "Whole Lotta Yum-Yum" is a sonic treat.  With "The Dance," for which there will be multiple remixes, King easily proves why she remains an icon of club culture. It is time to break out the Champagne again while soaking in the overflowing "Paradise" she sings about.  

Fiercely true to her integrity as an artist, to this day, King has consistently refrained from any using studio effects or synthetic vocal sounds, insisting on solely using her own voice, au natural, as her sole instrument. "It is important to me to keep it real. Unlike many singers today, I am not a studio creation who can not pull it off live."  She adds, "This is why I can perform the type of live shows I do." King has also performed live, never once to track, on television shows including the legendary "Midnight Special," "American Bandstand" and "Soul Train."

King explains that her new album is filled with fun dance music, stories, and she says she is "bringing it back, bringing back a story to a song, along with its feelings." Her voice intensely demands undivided attention on "Standing On The Rock Of Love," with its rock hard dance groove. King's ballad, "Open Book," is a virtual soundtrack for anyone who has ever experienced love, as its melody and lyrics define the parameters that make a lasting relationship.

Evelyn's effervescent personality shines through in her song "(You Deserve An) Academy Award," as she serves up a strong, lyrically intensive dis, delivered with an upbeat serenade that is destined to become an anthem of closure.

"Nobody Knows" reveals a private side of the dance icon, while "True To My Boo" reaffirms a commitment to love.

The wizardly studio veteran Preston Glass, who has produced albums that include Kenny G's five-times platinum album "Duotones," serves as producer on this album. Glass has written thirty Top Ten hits and five Top Ten Pop hits for artists ranging from Aretha Franklin to Diana Ross.

King grabs her party heels again for the two special remix versions on this disc, which will leave all comers breathless. Therefore, grab your own dance shoes, as well. With the release of her "Open Book," King will be sending listeners back to the dance floor all over again.

"Open Book" will be released by RNB Entertainment Group/Jaggo Records via Fontana Distribution.

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