Elliott Macauley

Elliott Macauley

    Official Biography (courtesy of Elliot Macauley)

    With ‘Breezing’ by George Benson playing in the background Elliott Macauley picked up his first bass guitar. It was the late 1970s & his parents house was filled with music, from Motown to jazz. At the age of 18 Elliott moved to London to pursue his music career playing in various jazz/funk bands. Although he was playing live there was little opportunity for him to record his own material. Back in the late 1980s the only way to record was on an analogue 8 track recording, being a signed artist or wealthy enough to own a recording studio.

    It was a few years later & the dawn of the digital era in music before Elliott could try his talents at producing/recording his own material. In the mean time whilst working at the Jazz Café, London, Elliott had the chance to travel to Japan as a session player in a quartet. They toured from Nagoya to Tokyo & Osaka playing covers & original material. It was whist he was living in Barcelona, Spain, he became a familiar sight on the beach playing acoustic guitar with the gypsies. These were both invaluable experiences which pushed his musical talents & ambition even further.

    When he returned to England in the early 2000s he began to build his own digital recording studio. Still playing acoustic guitar & session bass at intimate venues he was now able to fulfill his true potential not only writing but now composing, arranging & playing more instruments. He is known first & foremost as an accomplished bassist spending two years at the Royal College of Music refining his skills, but in teaching himself the role as producer of his own work there are no limitations to what he can now achieve.

    In the past year alone Elliott has worked with Winston Warrior on the track “Keep Moving”, playing both bass & guitar, Maggie Smile, Sian Evans again bass & guitar, Kurt Austin as composer/writer/producer. Using his Facebook site & his other online music sites his networking soon lead him to Cleveland Jones, vocalist. Both had mutual admiration for each others work & it wasn’t before long that they were collaborating on brand new ideas. The fantastic result can be heard in the single “Mamma’s Baby Boy” which will be on Elliott’s debut EP in 2013.