Choice Cut: Will Preston gives a stepper’s delight with new single

The last time that we SoulTrackers heard from Georgia based soul man Will Preston, he was adding to the response song canon with his confessional “Of Course I LIed.” That tune responded to SoulTracks Reader’s Choice Award winner Tanqueray Hayward’s breakup song, “You Lied.” Preston’s been on the radar of music fans who have an affinity for vocalist who knows how to sing an R&B ballad, He’s been doing that at least since his album It’s My Will dropped nearly two decades ago.

Will Preston now returns with an up-tempo, optimistic love song where he tells his lady that he’s willing to be that guy who can return her love and devotion. “I’ll Give It Right Back” is a high energy track with a stepper’s vibe. Preston deploys his feathery tenor to explain to his love interest about the inevitability of their relationship. He wants to convince her that he will prove worthy of the love that she gives to him.

“I’ll Give It Right Back” is driven by a bouncy bass line that is the plate for tight horns and keyboard flourishes. All of that will go down like honey for those who grew up in the 1980s and the era of smooth R&B that possessed a touch of jazz. “I’ll Give It Right Back” is our newest SoulTracks Choice Cut. Check it out here.

By Howard Dukes

Will Preston

"I'll Give It Right Back"


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