Official Biography (courtesy of Choklate)

Born in Seattle, WA. and raised in San Diego, CA., Choklate has always in one way or another been involved in music or dance.  She was raised primarily on gospel music; but was introduced to hip-hop with DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince’s "Parents Just Don’t Understand" hit. Go figure. "It was the first song and only video allowed in the house.  I used to sneak and listen to the radio so low that all I could hear sometimes was the beat.  I dubbed it ‘Music Deprivation Disease’," said Choklate. In her youth,  the gospel, she wasn’t allowed to listen to soul music or secular music of any kind, so when finally on her own, she recalls having her ear to everything from Bach and Yo Yo Ma to Brotha Lynch Hung.

Her last recorded project, had a different kick, with more of a Jazz, R&B sound with a slight Hip Hop edge, enlisting the talents of several notable artist while being produced entirely by up and coming Seattle producers.  She’s been sited on phenomenal records and worked along side legendary artist like Blacksheep, Abstract Rude, Butta Verses, De La Soul, Gift of Gab and Chali 2na’s solo albums, as well as a host of other artist. She’s also been caught commanding some of Seattle’s favorite stages like The Baltic Room, The Scarlett Tree, Lo-Fi The Mirabeau Room, The War Room, Chop Suey and The Showbox not to mention a handful of away stages like Hollywoods well known Ventura, Key Club and others. Safe to say she is definitely one of the hardest working entertainers in the Northwest.

Choklate has completed her latest work on a new full length album with acclaimed beat-smiths Vitamin D, Jake 1 and BeanOne and others and will be looking to continue to express and explore the art of musical creation through both writing and singing for herself as well as other artists.

"I’d like to think that I’m going to be allowed to actually be creative and have my chance to be apart of the game changing conceptually…" she says…"everybody should be able to relate to the material that I write, after all I ain’t the only one livin life and I fa sho ain’t the only one writin about it.  I just hope to reach those livin life along side me." 

"All I need is my beat, my mic, that stage, the crowd and I’m good…" Choklate


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