SoulTracks Poll: Vote for the Greatest Albums of the 70s

Wanna get in trouble?  Try to make a list of the "best" of anything.  Well, we’re jumping into the water with this one.

marvinSoulTrackers are passionate about their music, especially their classic albums.  So thanks to a suggestion by SoulTracker Vin, we decided to let you sound off and choose the greatest soul albums of all time

We’ll be voting on albums one decade at a time, and what better decade to EWFstart with than the 1970s, believed by many to be the period of the greatest soul music ever.  So here goes….

Some initial rules we set in doing this:

  • Only studio albums of new music count (no live or greatest hits albums)
  • The album must have been initially released between 1970 and 1979

Our polling software limited us to 40 total album choices, so with the help of writers and friends, we chose 40 great albums (20 by groups and 20 by solo artists or duos).  We know we missed A LOT of great music, and some soul groups that had several fantastic albums (like Earth Wind & Fire, for instance) were limited to one album in the poll.  But we did our best, and we think you’ll agree — or maybe you won’t — that these are some fine albums on our list.  .


Voting Over

See our Results!



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Choice Cut

Chris Jasper

"Be Number One"

Choice Cut

Will Preston

"I'll Give It Right Back":

Song of the Month

Acantha Lang

"Grandma's Hands"

Video of the Month

Kinsman Dazz Band

"til Forevermore"

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